Rules & FAQs

Rules of engagement

When sharing your views in the online conversation we ask you to abide by a few simple guidelines:

Be considerate - Our input will be used by other people, and we in turn will depend on the input of others. Any choice we make will affect our colleagues, we should therefore consider them when doing so.

Be respectful - Disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. Assume good intentions, do your best to act in an empathic fashion, work together to resolve conflict. A community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not productive.

Focus on the issues, not the people - When sharing your contributions, please focus on the issues that need solving, not the people who you consider to be responsible for these issues. Individuals should not be identified either by name or by describing their job role in such a way that others within the organisation can identify them from the description. This is not the place for whistleblowing or for attributing blame.

Take responsibility for your words and actions - We can all make mistakes; when we do, we take responsibility for them. If someone has been harmed or offended, we listen carefully and respectfully, and work to right the wrong.

Be collaborative - Collaboration between teams and people with different experiences is essential. Collaborating transparently improves the quality of our work.

Value decisiveness, clarity and consensus - Disagreements are normal, but we do not allow them to persist and fester leaving others uncertain of the agreed direction. We expect participants in the project to resolve disagreements constructively.

Ask for help when unsure - Asking questions early avoids many problems later, so you're encouraged to ask questions, though do make sure to direct them to appropriate ideas and comments shared by colleagues. If you are asked, try to be responsive and helpful. In response, we commit to preserving the integrity of the conversation, by never revealing your identity publicly and by seriously considering all ideas which are prioritised through your likes and dislikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get involved?
We want to hear from as many people working in our Trust as possible. If you know someone who hasn't received their login details, please ask them to email
What is an online conversation?
An online conversation operates much like a workshop you might attend at our Trust, but better. You can make suggestions, post comments, vote on the contribution of your colleagues, or simply watch and listen. All contributions to the conversation are anonymous, providing a safe environment for all to contribute and it is accessible at work or via any mobile devices, 24 hours a day, so no matter what your work pattern is, you can participate.
Being anonymous, contributions will also be judged on their content, not because of who is making the suggestion. To ensure anonymity we use a third-party provider, Clever Together, who will capture and code the submissions, producing an independent report for us.
When is the online conversation open?
You can join in at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days days a week while the conversation is live and you can access it from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.
What can I post?
We welcome all ideas, whether they are potentially controversial or about difficult topics. However, personal, abusive or offensive content will not be tolerated and Clever Together will contact you if this is the case.
All comments should be in line with our Trust values and any comments naming individuals will be moderated by Clever Together. Clever Together work independently and Liverpool University Hospitals will not be notified when they have had to contact users.
Who can I contact if I am having difficulty?
The platform is provided by our independent partners, Clever Together. If you’re having difficulty using the platform, please email them directly at
Will my comments on the platform be anonymous?
Any contributions you submit in the discussion platform will be visible to others taking part in the conversation. However, your personal details will not be visible on the platform - your information will not be shown next to any of your ideas, comments or votes.
Do I have to make comments or post ideas?
No. You can log in and watch the discussion or use the like and dislike buttons to submit your views. We believe that everyone in the Trust has something to contribute.
Will anybody else at the Trust know if I take part in the online conversation?
The online conversation is managed by Clever Together and no one within in the Trust will be able to identify you.
Clever Together can use the platform to automatically send emails to contributors. Any emails from Clever Together will be automatically generated via the system, no-one will know who the system is emailing in this regard unless you choose to come forward.
How will the conversation be moderated? 
This online conversation is being facilitated independently by Clever Together.
In order to facilitate the conversation the facilitation team may need to:
  • Merge some ideas that have similar content. When two ideas are merged, all votes and comments are transferred to the new idea and the title may be reworded to better capture its essence
  • Split some ideas that contain or discuss multiple topics in one post. If your post contains more than one idea, the facilitation team may choose to break the post up into multiple posts and submitted them into relevant streams
  • Edit or remove ideas that do not meet the conversation guidelines. Any posts containing offensive or abusive material may be edited or removed.